zile molasses

Zile is a town located 67 km from Tokat. This town, one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia, has been home to many civilizations. Zile, which stands out with its unique cuisine throughout the world, is renowned for its pesticides, molasses, peanuts and tarhana. Zile Syrup, Turkey also is known as a famous food of the province of Tokat. This molasses, which has a color of white in color, is a food that is unique to the city of Tokat, but is also widely consumed in our country. Compared to many other molasses, this molasses contains grapes and eggs directly. What is the Zile molasses

Where Can I Find Out Some Healer molasses or famous Zile molasses?

Grape and egg molasses after some processes to go through, leads to the emergence of a delicious flavor. Although Zile Molasses was a much more consumed food in the old times, its consumption has decreased slightly. This molasses, which is indispensable for many people, is consumed not only in our country but also in many countries over the world.

One of the most important reasons why this molasses are so widely consumed is the high nutritional value. Therefore, we can say that it has a rich and wealthy nutrient content. In women, it is consumed too much because it increases breast milk. There are many other benefits of this molasses that show its effect since the first use.

How to make this food?

It is made of grapes mixed with so sweet. So It’s name is molasses. Altough there are lots of types, one of them is especial named white zile molasses. White part of the egg causes molasses to be white sweet. It is the most popular in Tokat or in Turkey because everybody knows that product with it’s name Zile molasses. Ingrediants are unfermented grapes juice and white part of the egg also you can add some walnut. First farmers press the grapes with some machines for taking juice of grapes. These juice is some sour to make it sweet they do boil juice in 50-60 celcius degree for 15 minutes. After all, they add some juice white soil in it. For example; 1-5 kilogram white grpaes juice soil is adedd to in 100 kilogram grape juice.

Although the shape of the grapes sweet juice boiling in each region is the same as in general, minor changes may be observed, but if there is sugar addition between these changes, the quality of the grapes sweet juice decreases and its structure is degraded. To clarify, Do Not Forget To Follow My Blog. You can subscribe via e-mail or comment/like my posts. You can read also Turkish article link. Thanks. Therefore, Don’t Worry Be Happy.


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