zile molasses recipe

zile molasses recipe
zile molasses recipe

zile molasses recipe: Pressing method is generally used in making this molasses. This molasses, which cannot be made by everyone, would be more appropriate to make with the people experienced in this field.

To make this molasses, you must first prepare the grapes and squeeze the juice of the grapes in any container. Then press the remaining parts of the grape thoroughly by squeezing methods, you should remove all the water of the grapes. You should mix grape juice with the molasses soil which is unique to Zile district. Put this mixture in a saucepan and start to boil. During the boiling process often remove the foam formed on the pot.

With boiling process, your materials will gradually become molasses. This molasses will be in brown and liquid form. The most important step to obtain this molasses is to add eggs according to the amount of molasses. For this you can add up to 50 pounds of pekmez with 10 eggs.You should also add 300 grams of powdered sugar to 10 eggs. After this operation, beat the molasses slowly with the help of a wooden spoon. Be prepared to be consumed by whipping molasses a little more. Enjoy your meal.

How to make this food? zile molasses recipe?

zile molasses recipe: It is made of grapes mixed with so sweet. So It’s name is molasses. Altough there are lots of types, one of them is especial named white zile molasses. White part of the egg causes molasses to be white sweet. It is the most popular in Tokat or in Turkey because everybody knows that product with it’s name Zile molasses. Ingrediants are unfermented grapes juice and white part of the egg also you can add some walnut. First farmers press the grapes with some machines for taking juice of grapes. These juice is some sour to make it sweet they do boil juice in 50-60 celcius degree for 15 minutes. After all, they add some juice white soil in it. For example; 1-5 kilogram white grpaes juice soil is adedd to in 100 kilogram grape juice.

Although the shape of the grapes sweet juice boiling in each region is the same as in general, minor changes may be observed, but if there is sugar addition between these changes, the quality of the grapes sweet juice decreases and its structure is degraded. To clarify, Do Not Forget To Follow My Blog. You can subscribe via e-mail or comment/like my posts. You can read also Turkish article link. Thanks. Therefore, Don’t Worry Be Happy.


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