what is the molasses?

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what is the molasses? It is made of grapes mixed with so sweet. So It’s name is molasses. Altough there are lots of types, one of them is especial named white zile molasses. White part of the egg causes molasses to be white sweet. It is the most popular in Tokat or in Turkey because everybody knows that product with it’s name Zile molasses.

what is the molasses? Ingrediants are unfermented grapes juice and white part of the egg also you can add some walnut. First farmers press the grapes with some machines for taking juice of grapes. These juice is some sour to make it sweet they do boil juice in 50-60 celcius degree for 15 minutes. After all, they add some juice white soil in it. For example; 1-5 kilogram white grpaes juice soil is adedd to in 100 kilogram grape juice.

Where Can I Find Out Some Healer molasses or famous Zile’s molasses?

Since our childhood, our mothers persistently try to feed us molasses. They are not unjust in their efforts. Even a spoonful of molasses is effective in energizing the body, excreting toxic substances and preventing cancer-like diseases. Since it is a natural food, it is not objectionable even for diabetics to consume. Molasses are usually made from grapes, juniper, carob and mulberry.

Molasses, which can be prepared in different varieties, is a fluid foodstuff with high nutritional value which increases the body’s resistance to many diseases. Since it is produced in completely natural ways, it takes the vitamins it contains as its raw material into its own structure.

Molasses, which have a sweet taste in general, can be used even by diabetics, proof that no sugar is added. Anatolian regional food with grapes sweet juice began to be produced in other countries if Turkey is also a pioneer in the use of grapes sweet juice varieties and is prominently known with 5 different types of grapes sweet juice.

Energy store is a fluid food formed by crushing various fruits and boiling water. grapes sweet juice generally consist of jelly grapes, juniper, carob and mulberry and grapes constitute the sweetest of them. It is known that grapes sweet juice with an intense consistency and different flavors are not always sweet, especially those made from mulberry with a slightly bitter taste.

Although the shape of the grapes sweet juice boiling in each region is the same as in general, minor changes may be observed, but if there is sugar addition between these changes, the quality of the grapes sweet juice decreases and its structure is degraded. To clarify, Do Not Forget To Follow My Blog. You can subscribe via e-mail or comment/like my posts. You can read also Turkish article link. Thanks. Therefore, Don’t Worry Be Happy.


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