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Ibrahim Tatlises said, If There was Oxford in Urafa and we didn’t go. Why didn’t he say Hacettepe or why didn’t he say Ataturk University? There is currently an ever-updated university ranking in the world. The ranking may change according to criteria such as the number of publications, the quality of the publication, and the scientific impact. 1. Hacettepe in Turkey, which ranks 525 in the world rankings and currently our # 979 Atatürk University. Harvard University ranks first in the world.

“I wonder what the criteria, they do not behave transparent, their rankings do not concern us, they organize the appropriate criteria of their universities, of course. The criteria and features that google search I found on the link, I searched for each criterion for hacettepe I’ve visited more than 20 pages I have already found them.

Here are the criteria: year of establishment and long history, number of partner universities, library collection, us news national rank and subcriteria, times higher education ranking and subcriteria, number of academic staff, number of graduating students who won nobel prize, number of registered students, winner of nobel prize number of staff, arwu rankings and sub-criteria (astonished to that), student admission rate, medical facilities, percentage of undergraduate and graduate students, percentage of female students, activities related to hobbies, number of international students, sports facilities, campus size, graduate network and student associations, museums and dormitories, dormitories and dormitories, number of applicants, rate of citation from the researchers, campus crime rate, academy award, act score (test), rate of tuition increase, budget spent on research, forbes ranking, pulitzer award rate , sell score (math k, critical literacy test), ivy union member (sports union), exchange programs, turing award, fields medal.

But in general; criteria such as teaching quality, employment rate of graduates, quality of academic staff, number and quality of publications, scientific impact and references. Harvard University fulfills all the criteria given in the highest number and rate in the world. Only 6% of students accept admission.

So, what about hacettepe? It gives 404 not found error. There are around 200 universities in our country. Only 11 of them are worthy to rank in the first 1000, which is 900. Ordinary. While almost no universities have been opened all over the world in the last 50 years, we are opening 10 universities every year. We have 72 education faculties including Hacettepe. As of 2017, the number of graduates and graduates is over 1,000,000 and they are all waiting for appointments. Remember the criteria for joining the workforce in the university rankings.

Questions: 1- While there are few but high quality universities in the world, are there many and poor quality universities in our country? 2-Is it possible that Harvard University is advertising to get paid students? 3-What is the status of the teachers who are on duty who graduated from non-university universities? 4-Does the quality in the university determine the quality in formal education or is teaching taught in school?

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