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I believe that the situation of teaching English in our country should start by criticizing the quality of the teacher. In public schools, our teachers are not native speakers. Although a native speaker is more proficient in language, the teacher who is a non-native speaker will have a higher level of control over the education system and English learning process.

Have people studying English engineering at universities such as OTDU become an English teacher, have they been assigned as an English teacher when they have taken 40 credits of English while they are studying German teaching, have they been graduated and have become English teachers by taking 2 years of formal and 2 years distance education in Anadolu University. Should they have graduated from the departments of English Language and Literature, English Linguistics and American Culture and Literature and become a teacher? In the ÖABT test, 12,000 English teachers have drawn 23 clear answers from 50 English questions, ie less than half. At that time, the student should not graduate before he is brought to the most appropriate level of English equipment.

Learning English in its natural environment will bring success but it is limited in our country. The adoption of the grammar-weighted system by teachers makes the situation difficult. There’s no need to rush. When you see the English language for 3 months, let’s not talk. In the textbook phase, the Ministry of National Education should get support from the authors who are native speakers and over-experienced publishing houses. The perception of im I can pass anyway “in primary and secondary schools and focusing on university exam in high school have a negative effect on learning English.

The lack of English language environment and the lack of practice make learning difficult. The disadvantage was that smart board was not used effectively and students did not use their tablets for learning. Improper use of technology and online tools has slowed down learning. Failure to follow the current English-language newspapers, magazines or TV channels is also negative for teachers. The lack of ideas from English teachers in the preparation of textbooks and programs is also a negative effect. English is seen as a second language in our country, whereas it should be seen as a foreign language. “Why should I learn English? They should learn Turkish. ”Prejudices are also negative factors. The reluctance to participate in project-based activities such as Etwinning and erasmus + and the lack of willingness have reduced learning pleasure and desire.

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