sexuality in social media

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Exceptions, of course, will not break the base. I personally saw the subject in a chat group with over 300,000 members. A lady (she might be on a fake account but still doesn’t notice) published a photo with a low-cut(decollete) and said good night and got 8974 likes and 5789 comments. What a comment in the comments. Sexual connotations, good night mixed phone calls, the address of the house, those who photographed his car… sexuality in social media

A lady pointed out the global warming and shared the situation of polar bears sharing a picture of a desperate polar bear on a small piece of ice. 12 likes, 7 comments. In the comments they claimed that the ritual was likened to them. Is there any wrong, immoral or bad behavior here? Or is there anything good and promising?

Which level is sexulaity in social media?

What could have caused men to see women only as a sexual object? How can one explain the woman’s photographing and putting on her cleavage, not her mind, and making sure that she’s going to earn a lot of premium? Why couldn’t the lady, who shared the interests of all the world’s people and other living things such as the greenhouse effect, global warming, make a premium? Should we look for a criminal? Whose crime or woman or man?

They were born in the same country in the low-cut lady, pornographic men, the lady in global warming, breathing the same air, and most importantly, getting the same education. So please see the groups you will see a considerable amount of the shares I have given on your tour? If you want to comment on what you do not attack anyone, do not swear. If you do not agree, just discuss your reasons.

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