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John Taylor Gatto, author of book “The Weapon of Mass Destruction: Education” A book that the Ministry has proposed to take part in the seminar program and wish it to be read and discussed by our teachers. He is known as an enemy of the school. But he has been a teacher for 30 years and has been elected teacher of the year many times in the US. He has very striking claims. It is possible to find something from us in his suggestions.

Lets start. “The school shouldn’t be surrounded by walls on all four sides says Gatto. What had Mahmut Hodja said in the 1970s: “The school is not only surrounded by four walls; School is everywhere. Gatto:” Children most frequently issuing the trip in different areas, training is plenty of variety of additional small-scale and art classes is optimal.

“1940 Turkey Ankara Hasanoğlan village institute:” history, geography, Turkish, civics, physics, chemistry, mathematics, nature and school health, handwriting, painting, physical education and national games, music, military service, home administration and child care for girls, teaching knowledge, agricultural economy, garden and field agriculture, industrial crops agriculture, zootechnics, poultry knowledge, apiculture and sericulture, fishery and aquaculture, agricultural arts courses and fields have been given successfully. ” But the trainer from the village institutes was learning how to produce, create, compare, open-minded, and teach children, not to consume.

Gatto says: For the system’s sake, learning is divided into proportions to create groups like gifted, mediocre, and in need of special education. The village institute said: “Every student has an area in which he will surely succeed” and it did not classify. That’s what he said. Even in the most remote villages every student has learned to produce first. John Taylor Gatto argues: “The school has no function other than training workers (slaves) in the factory”. The village institute said: “Not every citizen will learn how to produce, sell, be the boss of his own business.

Gatto compared compulsory education at school today to a weapon of mass destruction and said its effect would last for centuries, just like the atomic coil effect. Mahmut Hodja and the village institute had already knew that the system would show its effect over the centuries as production, creativity, interpretation and criticism, and most importantly, learning to live.

In the year 1954, with the US truman doctrine, for some reason the village institutes called for closure. It was said that the music rooms in the Hasanoğlan region were in the form of a half moon and the sickle hammer figure was seen from the aerial view of the theater building. Interestingly, in the United States he compared village institutions to the system in the Soviet Union. Conclusion: all village institutes were closed, including hasanoğlan. Nowadays, Gatto’s critiques and suggestions are cared about by families, society and countries in the USA and Europe. In our country, they have been incredibly successful in realizing what Gatto is currently proposing, starting from the 1940s, in village institutes. Of course, the village institutions had disadvantages. I’d like you to criticize without a fight. Could he have looked at village institutes in the Gatto research? Could the village institutions be updated to date and come to this day? Could we have a system that Gatto said right now?

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