hunger in the world

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I’m going to say in a short way. Yes, we should know how to have fun, laugh, make jokes, talk about topics outside of education, and leave the teachers’ room when we leave school. We should be able to share love, men and women relations, communication, comics, education, philosophy, history, society, and everything else as long as it is ethic. hunger in the world

We should do the best research not only in education, but also in every subject, we should listen, we should criticize best, we should discuss well and we should learn so that we can give consciousness to people, society and the world. Let’s get to the point. First I’m going to tell you about hunger. Hunger and famine often occur where there are wars and conflicts. The food and water resources of the people are consciously destroyed by weapons and bombing and their displacement is ensured.

In 2018, 124 million people are about to starve to death. The majority of this figure is in war zones and 80% are children. Somalia, Yemen, Sudan and Nigeria have around 25 million people on the border of starvation and thirst. Year 2018 is the 7th day of September. Today, 4 million 800 thousand bread was wasted in Turkey. 20 million 750 thousand tons of basic food was wasted in Germany. Only the two countries are wasting and today the children in the places mentioned are satisfied.

There are 193 countries connected to the united nations in the world, 28 of which are super-rich and highly prosperous. Every year, the UN gives the number of hungry people caused by the war and is a member of the UN in war-waging countries. Man chose not to believe, but to have. According to ownership, the law constituted and fought. I hope I can. Let’s warm up the spherical polar bears in the greenhouse. The greenhouse effect is composed of steam, carbon dioxide, methane and econone in balanced proportions and maintains the balance of world business. As a result of over-use of fuels such as oil, coal, natural gas and many other things, the gas released releases the balance and global warming occurs as more sunlight touches the earth. Glaciers are melted. hunger in the world

The polar bears that must live on ice disappear, die of hunger, become extinct, and never remain within the next 50 years, and of course desertification, drought, hurricanes, climate change, deadly temperature rise and thirst remain. Dear teacher friends, please choose one of the human-made disasters. Which is less important? Which is more urgent? Which one can we prevent or what can we create awareness of? It is probably best to watch them die in a documentary taste, instead of just living with what we have wasted, watching the polar bear go on an ice floe and go fishing and not go home again! Since no one will put his hand, his ideas, his tears, what he wastes, his natural gas under the stone; then dance. Make jokes, laugh, have fun, share, comment, like. hunger in the world

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