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In the sharing about why English can not be learned, a study was quoted and dedicated to teachers who took English classes in all public schools with the same curriculum. Our teachers who are in different fields from the English Language Teaching Department or graduated from the related department of Anadolu University participated in the discussion and declared that they did not accept this result with their comments. So; Foreign language teaching methods, second language acquisition, language transfer, preschool and elementary age English language teaching, listening, speaking, reading, writing skills teaching, material evaluation and preparation, testing language skills, the use of technology in language teaching they strongly advocated that they could enter the English course and teach the foreign language.

Even graduated universities, fields, scores obtained from national and international language proficiency exams, seminars and courses in English attended abroad, time spent between British and American people. Are you sure you are not a native speaker?

In ÖABT 2017 for those who think that the average clear result given directly to him and said “I took 40 clear”, who said that the score of KPSS from the ÖSS, who share the height of the degree of language compensation, “It is as if he also criticized Ege Language Literature with DİCLE” those who say how much they have developed in practical English in tourist places, who say that the passing grade in the faculty of education is 70-80, who say that they teach English to children with 300 English words, that the egoist, repulsive, uninhibited, self-humiliating Those who insist that he was a snooty, mud-thrower, who argued among themselves with arguments and politely warned the lady, said that his opinion should be respected when he wiped out all of his comments, and most importantly, that my English beat your English.

Looking at the article, “Come on, everyone points, sections, degrees, prove that” there is no suggestion. There is no word or sentence that humiliates anyone. 14 other reasons were given outside the area. If we are all English teachers and have the required qualifications in English teacher such as the method information given above; Why did not we discuss these 14 items outside the field?, did we give the impression that I am better than you academically by department, did we argue and attack? Why did we try to silence even the gentleman?

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