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Article 1 states the scope of the education law, including the teaching profession. In Article 2, it is said to train balanced and healthy people in terms of body, mind, morality, spirit. It continues with the training of individuals who have the power of free and scientific thinking, have a wide world view and respect for human rights. And finally, it ends with educating constructive, creative and productive people who value the person, have responsibility towards the society.

Should we evaluate Article 2 and assume the responsibility of the teachers in Article 1 in 2018? If we, together with all stakeholders, are responsible, do we do our part? If you had the opportunity to give a rate, how many percent would you be able to gain and achieve the characteristics mentioned in Article 2? Is there a problem in the implementation of Article 2? Or can it be appropriate to perceive and work according to our age, digital citizenship, globalization by providing the initiative of this Article 2? Finally, should we criticize ourselves?

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