You can contact me. So it is about ahmet duzen text. Me 36 years old, divorced man with boys aged 9 and 4. I want to talk about ownself briefly. Also, I will say about my goals. I often feel happy. I have been a teacher for approximately 13 years. Not older ones, I like studying with children. In the classroom, they have to be free mind so they will learn how to make good things. For exmaple, by balanced voice level and motions they will be always bored. In conclusion, They will not learn about life which is struggled by them. But I think, ups and downs in the classroom get them feel great. They will learn unconsciously. They will not have to need to memeorize some information. If they live in places and times which subjects studied, they will have both experiences and earnings.

In this blog, I am sharing my texts, essays and articles. Similarly, I go on my thoughts in my contents. Sometimes, I crticisize others, system or own me. May hap, I  comment someone who I enjoyed their moods. So, I press “like” button when I see anyone on educational platforms. Me am trying to write on anythings. Often, I  am interested in common sense, social media, web, computers, softwares, applications, education affairs. For instance, music, films, love, etc. Certainly, I am sure that my texts are powerful. About any questions all can comment me, like or dislike me. I am carefull about respecting anyone so I want them to be respectful to me. I like working and making some useful. Especially, I may be great nice when I share my seen useful contents. Look at my others

Gain Or Drain? Are they both same? It will say about ahmet duzen. contact me

According to me,  they are the same too. You have to see process before you win a medal. On the other hand, If you are near the finish line, you are successful about all things. To sum up, You will have always useful contents such as experinces and information when you either gain or drain. As a result, Take Care. Wish To Always Be Happy. Follow my blog.

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